4 Ways to Generate Leads for Law Firms

lead generation for law firms

Gone are the days when lead generation was limited to sales departments only. Today, every profession requires some level of lead generation capabilities to thrive in the business world and scale their growth. With the gradual but significant shift to digitization, business operations are undergoing a massive transformation. 

Whether you are a part of the retail industry or a law firm, client acquisition is the most important aspect that fuels your business growth. According to Optimizely, 92% of visitors only browse a website to gain more information about a business. Not every visitor aims to sign up for your services but how quickly you manage to transform the potential lead into a life-long client decides your performance. To generate leads for law firms, every law firm should openly exhibit its potential on the business websites. Learn how to acquire customers and generate leads for law firms instantly through our well-curated guide. 

What is Lead Generation?

Generate Leads for Law Firms

Intrusive phone calls that go on and on about their business offerings do not last longer than a few seconds. Cold calling is a method from the past that should be avoided at all costs to avoid putting off the customers. How many times have you been distracted by a phone call during a business meeting or your personal time? How often have you signed up for their services once the call ended? Talking from personal experience, rarely any customer chooses a business only because the customer service representative listed down the well-learned benefits. Customers sign up for services or products that spark their interest and curiosity and fulfill their current requirements. 

Lead generation is the process of gaining a client’s attention to your business offerings once the client shows some interest in your product or service. Rather than randomly selecting potential clients through phone directories, lead generation targets specific customers that are somewhat inclined toward your business.

Lead Generation for Law Firms

Adapting to constantly changing business environments is the only way to survive and thrive in the cut-throat competition. To scale business growth and performance, every business needs to generate a lead generation pipeline. Being a part of the law industry, having access to potential clients, and targeting them to fuel your business growth and finances are all you need to survive in the red ocean. 

Previously lawyers limited their client base to the visitors that entered their law firm on their own. With time they realized that to generate leads and turn them into clients, effective lead generation strategies need to be brought into action. As per Google Consumer Survey, 96% of potential clients search for legal services on search engines rather than booking a consultation with the lawyers. Doing your own research through search engines is more cost-effective and reliable than trusting traditional marketing strategies. With time, clients are aware that conventional advertisements are deceptive so they opt for Google and Yelp reviews to choose the best law firm. 

Bridge the Gap

Although every business gains credibility by building a strong online presence, law firms need it more than any other business. As legal matters are highly sensitive, people want to put their cases in the right hands. Lead generation in law firms bridges the gap between people with legal needs and lawyers. People search for law consultation firms in a nearby location with high ratings and positive reviews on search engines. Once you build a reliable online presence and high credibility, nothing can stop you from generating leads and business revenue. 

Your Job as a Lawyer

To detect opportunities in the environment and leverage them to benefit your business is every business’s core goal in today’s time. As a lawyer with relevant experience and skill set in your field, your job does not end with maintaining a victory streak in the court. Work on acquiring new clients for your law firm and stay ahead of the competition. Enable potential clients to reach out to you via multiple channels including emails, telephone calls, and fax. Once you are able to build a strong online reputation, potential clients would automatically be directed to your business. 

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4 Ways to Generate Leads for Law Firms

  1. Optimize your Website
Generate Leads for Law Firms with Website Optimization

Want to reach out to more clients but can’t identify the right ways to do so? Rank higher in search engines by optimizing your website content. Although a bit tricky by nature, search engine optimization is not an impossible task to achieve. Law firms should start off by building a website that generates a high visitor-to-lead ratio to promote their services amongst clients. 

An SEO-optimized website consists of user-friendly content. Avoid using jargon to come off as an expert as visitors often abandon your content midway if it consists of too many technical terms. Always mention your main points in bullet forms and short paragraphs to make them readable. Nobody likes going through heaps of repetitive data to come to a conclusion. 

Do your keyword research and use multiple high-ranking keywords to boost your online presence, but never overstuff your content with keywords as search engines are quick to notice and reject content with an overload of keywords. So, your keyword placement should appear seamless. As a lawyer, your priority should be to handle your clients, conduct legal research, and represent your cases in legal hearings. Let us optimize your websites through our effective SEO services that drive organic traffic to your websites and generate tangible results.

  1. Update Content Frequently

Generate Leads for Law Firms with content marketing

A law firm that provides top-notch legal services to its clients but fails to update its offerings, service charges, and case studies on its website results in low lead generation. Constantly upgrading your website is key to strengthening your online presence and boosting lead generation. Law firms that aim to generate leads should always track their online performance and improvise any required changes to meet the ever-evolving needs of the business world.

57% of customers search for law firms online but how many of them land on your website? Websites that do not update their information on a regular basis rank lower on search engines and camouflage themselves from the customer’s attention. Do you want to become one of those law firms that remain hidden in the last few pages of the search engine and never meet the customer’s eye? We assume not. 

To survive and prosper amongst the cutting-edge competition, leverage your data and build a website that ranks higher in search engines. Our bespoke services keep up with the latest on-page and off-page SEO techniques to keep pace with the massive transformations in the legal arena. As the law industry is somewhat saturated by now, you can put your trust in our content specialists and SEO experts to stay ahead of the competition as we guarantee to build and dominate a strong web presence. 

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  1. Add Calls-to-Action
intelligent call to action buttons

With our effective SEO techniques, clients will surely land on your web page. Another thing to keep in mind is to guide clients about their next step. Prompt one-time visitors to turn into clients by adding calls to action to your website. For your law firm, the best call-to-action would be to ask clients to contact your team or book a consultation. Add clickable links to the website that offer easy navigation to schedule appointments and other contact details. 

While CTAs turn visitors into clients, it is essential to remember how one size fits all approach does not work here. Our SEO copywriting services align the search intent with your services. ConvertBunny’s diverse team of digital marketers, and SEO and content specialists personalizes calls-to-action for every law client. Reach out to us with your law firm details and we promise to customize an engaging and prompting CTA for you.

  1. Create Landing Pages

Another digital marketing tool that enables your law firm to stand out from the competition is landing pages. Distinctive from the regular content marketing articles and web pages, a landing page is a standalone page that aims to transform visitors into clients. It promotes your business and prompts visitors to take action by scheduling a consultation or signing up for your services. Potential clients come across a landing page by clicking on the law firm’s promotional links sent through email marketing, advertisements, and social media platforms. 

ConvertBunny consistently creates landing pages that prompt visitors to transform into a loyal client base. We carefully curate landing pages by keeping our client’s business requirements and unique selling proposition in mind. Once a client signs up for our services, we manage their digital marketing from scratch.

Scale your Growth with ConvertBunny

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