Usman Tauqeer

Founder & CEO

Hamza Zafar

Growth Manager

Zubaria Asma

Content Manager

Shireen Gul

SEO Specialist

Mataf Khan

SEO Specialist

Farwa Malik

SEO Specialist

Muhammad Nabeel

Junior SEO & Off-Page Specialist

Ali Sultan

Systems & Automation Engineer

Bilal Malik


Aimen Mohsin


Rabia Mohsin


Rameesha Syed

Brand Communications Specialist

Sana Tariq

Assistant Growth Manager

Abdullah Nawaz

Graphic Designer

Usman "The Visionary Chief" Tauqeer

Founder & CEO

This bunny comes into the scene with his playful nature, tireless work ethic, data-driven mindset, and unwavering commitment to processes. With over 11 years of experience, from multinational corporations to startups and consulting firms, Usman has built a reputation as a bunny with an uncanny ability to navigate the digital landscape.

With a touch of bunny agility, Usman has worked his magic for renowned brands like British American Tobacco, Nestle, JazzCash, and nTaskManager. His unique blend of expertise in Customer Development/Sales, Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing has made him a bunny to be reckoned with.

Usman’s prowess in customer development and sales is reminiscent of a bunny gracefully leaping over obstacles. From leading sales teams for British American Tobacco to conquering the F&B business for Nestle in Peshawar, he has yet to leave any stone unturned in driving growth and profitability.

However, it’s in the SEO and content marketing world where Usman’s bunny magic truly comes alive. With his enchanting strategies, he has propelled numerous projects to new heights. Imagine the joy of witnessing organic clicks soar by 35%+ for a project management SaaS app, resulting in a delightful 2X increase in conversions. 

Not just that, but the thrill of seeing organic clicks skyrocket from 150 to over 2400 daily for a Y-Combinator-backed social commerce app, captivating the hearts of the Pakistani market. Usman’s ability to increase organic visibility and traffic is akin to a bunny gracefully hopping from one success to another.

As a leader, Usman’s approach is akin to a bunny leading its merry troupe. He values the input and ideas of his team, encouraging them to hop alongside him on the journey to success. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, Usman transforms his team into a unified force, bouncing off each other’s strengths and achieving remarkable results.

Fun Fact about Usman:

This bunny has dazzled opponents on both the football pitch and the table tennis arena. Usman, with his lightning-fast moves and remarkable agility, showcased his sporting prowess during his university days. While he may have hung up his boots and paddles for now, the echoes of his triumphant victories can still be heard. 

Hamza "The Growth Maestro" Zafar

Growth Manager

With a civil engineering background and an innate passion for marketing, this bunny dove into this whimsical world at the young age of 16. From content writing to branding, growth marketing, and beyond, he ventured deep into the marketing rabbit hole, leaving a trail of remarkable accomplishments in his wake.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Hamza worked his magic on a Microsoft project, unravelling complexities with ease. Also, he introduced a complete range of an international hair care brand in Pakistan, igniting a wave of style and sophistication that would make any bunny jealous.

Working at ConvertBunny allows him the freedom to unleash his creative prowess amidst controlled chaos and that drives him to deliver his best back. That and the promise of a juicy carrot (or let’s be honest, money!) He fearlessly throws darts of ideas, relying on his talented team to help narrow down the winning strategies. 

Hamza possesses the superpower of patiently listening and valuing every idea, no matter its size. As a moderator and glue of the team, he ensures cohesive and goal-oriented creative output while providing valuable strategy insights and adeptly managing client relationships.

Fun Fact about Hamza:Amidst the glitter and glamour of a fancy dress competition, a little bunny named Hamza took the stage, donning a groom’s attire! With tears streaming down his face, he brought a whole new meaning to the term “emotional groom.

Zubaria "The Content Connoisseur" Asma

Content Manager

​​With five years under her belt, this seasoned bunny has worked as a content marketer for national and international digital marketing agencies. From renewable energy to SaaS, ed-tech to health tech, and more, Zubaria has left her pawprints in every industry she has explored.

Zubaria’s strategic prowess shone through as she managed critical accounts for the USAID SMEA Program and spearheaded the establishment and digital scaling of Scholaroo and WiseVoter. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in multiplying the traffic of National Today, a major US holiday website, by 3.5 times within 9 months. 

Now, she crafts purposeful content strategies, blending her knowledge of target audiences, market trends, and competitors. By aligning content with marketing objectives, she ensures each piece has the impact of a carrot cake!

She joyfully hops between teams, engaging with writers, designers, SEO specialists, and clients to create a harmonious symphony of content. Zubaria thrives in an environment of constant growth and learning. With her bunny nose always sniffing out the latest industry trends, she brings valuable insights and improvement to every project. 

Fun Fact about Zubaria:Zubaria is an adventurous foodie who loves trying diverse halal cuisines. She enjoys learning about traditions and cultures, and she actively engages in volunteer work to give back to her community. In her free time, she finds solace through journaling, painting, and arts & crafts.

Shireen "The SEO Sorceress" Gul

SEO Specialist

This bunny-bright software engineer, whose journey has taken her through diverse territories in the tech world. Her path began at Ufone HQ, where she leaped into the quality assurance department, ensuring that every aspect of the company’s services was finely tuned. 

As her passion for technology expanded, she found herself delving into the realm of SEO analysis for a Dubai-based company, gaining valuable insights into the digital landscape.

At ConvertBunny, Shireen approaches her role with a blend of systematic thinking and collaboration. She skillfully breaks down the project goals and specifications into bite-sized tasks, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. 

When it comes to content optimization, Shireen’s bunny heart leaps with joy. She relishes the process and is constantly on the lookout for new skills and tools to enhance her craft. With her boundless curiosity and dedication, she’s on a quest to bring the highest caliber of work to the table.

Fun fact about Shireen:

When she’s not busy optimizing content, she showcases her impressive culinary skills as a chef and baker, hopping from one delicious creation to another. With a whisk in one paw and a sprinkle of bunny magic, she whips up delightful treats that tickle the taste buds and brings joy to those around her.

Mataf "The SEO Ninja" Khan

SEO Specialist

In the world of SEO, where websites race like bunnies in a digital garden, one bunny stands out from the rest with his SEO prowess. Meet Mataf Khan, the SEO specialist who knows how to optimize websites with the speed and agility of a bounding bunny.

With a background in electrical engineering, Mataf’s journey into the world of SEO was like following a curious bunny down a rabbit hole. He co-founded TeamDSUBurraq and hopped onto international stages, showcasing his SEO skills with finesse.

But Mataf’s talents don’t end there. From his early university blog filled with delightful randomness to captivating readers on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit, Mataf’s bunny words weave enchanting tales.

Fun fact about Mataf:

Once upon a time, he embarked on a whimsical adventure to Islamabad. But alas, fate had other plans! His train went on a joyride without him, leaving him hopping mad. Undeterred, Mataf decided to count every single tile in the station hall—turns out there were 341 of them! With a mischievous grin and determination in his fluffy bunny heart, he hopped onto the next train to Islamabad. Despite the unexpected detour, Mataf embraced the unpredictability of travel, proving that even in the face of bunny-sized mishaps, the journey is always full of surprises and unforgettable memories.

Farwa "The SEO Maverick" Malik

SEO Specialist

This bunny is an SEO dynamo with a knack for unlocking the digital potential of websites. With her strategic prowess and a touch of whimsy, Farwa dances through the intricate web of search engine optimization, leaving a trail of skyrocketing rankings and delighted clients. 

With a background in WordPress wizardry and a leap into the world of digital marketing, Farwa has mastered the art of SEO, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Management. She’s not just about on-page elements, oh no! Farwa knows how to build high-quality backlinks like a bunny building its own cozy burrow. She leverages guest posting opportunities and engages in strategic outreach, turning websites into shining stars in the vast digital universe.

But let’s talk about Farwa’s moment of triumph—a UK-based project that had jaws dropping. In just one month, she worked her magic, increasing clicks, and impressions, and generating a whopping 150 sales. She handled the project like a pro, independently taking on the competitive markets of the UK and USA.

What truly sets Farwa apart is her infectious passion for her work. She bounces into the office every day, fueled by the desire to see tangible results and make a real impact. She’s a team player, working closely with the team to create a harmonious symphony of optimization. 

Joining ConvertBunny was like finding a carrot patch for Farwa. The company’s innovative and collaborative environment fuels her creativity and fuels her bunny-like determination. Staying ahead of industry trends and implementing cutting-edge strategies isn’t just a choice—it’s a way of life.

Fun fact about Farwa: 

With a book in one paw and a spatula in the other, Farwa whisks herself away into the world of literature, theatre, and culinary delights. Whether she’s nibbling on words in captivating novels, baking delectable treats with a sprinkle of magic, or hopping onto the couch for a cinematic adventure, she finds boundless joy and inspiration in these pursuits.

Muhammad "The SEO Jedi" Nabeel

Junior SEO & Off-Page Specialist

This bunny’s presence adds a spring to our step and a touch of bunny magic to our team. Nabeel’s passion for SEO and unwavering determination make him a valuable asset in our quest for digital excellence.

He focuses on content strategy, article publishing, and skillfully building backlinks like a bunny weaving its way through the web. What Nabeel enjoys most about working for our company is the fertile ground for growth, a supportive team that hops to his aid, and the diverse range of projects that keep his creative juices flowing. 

He finds motivation in achieving tangible results, continuously expanding his knowledge, and channeling his creative thinking to overcome any challenge that comes his way. His dedication to enhancing user experience, monitoring progress, and contributing to strategic marketing initiatives adds a touch of bunny flair to our endeavors. 

With an ever-adaptable mindset and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Nabeel helps us navigate the dynamic world of SEO and stay ahead of the game.

Ali "The Automation Maestro" Sultan

Systems & Automation Engineer

With 7 years of experience under his fluffy tail, Ali has left a trail of notable accomplishments. He proudly certified his previous company to ISO 9001 standards, making it the first digital marketing agency to achieve such recognition. Talk about setting high standards and hopping to the top!

But that’s not all. He has mastered tools like Zapier and Airtable to automate content publishing on WordPress. With a wave of his paw, he developed a custom project management system on Airtable, complete with task assignments, Slack notifications, and automated deadlines. 


He’s a bunny with a mission—to make life easier for his fellow bunnies so they can focus on the bigger picture and improve the core of our warren. What truly gets Ali’s heart thumping is the chance to become a true expert in his field. He loves taking on new challenges and constantly refining his skills to deliver the best work possible.

Fun Fact about Ali:

When the workday is done and the bunny suit is off, Ali unleashes his gaming prowess and immerses himself in virtual worlds. So, next time you see him, don’t be surprised if he’s sporting a mischievous grin and carrying a controller—because when it comes to gaming, Ali is the bunny who hops to victory!

Bilal "The Content Guru" Ahmed Malik


This curious bunny never stops learning, embracing the ongoing process that fuels his passion. Since 2008, Bilal has been exploring the world of content creation and picking up more skills like affiliate marketing, WordPress development, and certifications in various niches. 

In a display of his prowess, Bilal successfully resurrected a dormant SaaS website, breathing new life into its digital presence and boosting monthly sales to an impressive $15,000. As an editor, Bilal polishes the work of other writers, bringing clarity and coherence to their work. His keen eye for detail and strong editorial instincts make him an invaluable asset to ConvertBunny.

Motivated by a desire to be a better version of himself each day, Bilal’s creativity extends beyond the confines of work. Since the tender age of the third grade, he has been an artist and a storyteller, letting his imagination roam free on the pages of his artwork and narratives.

Fun Fact about Bilal:

Once upon a time, Bilal was in a whirlwind of digital chaos. He had poured his heart and soul into a 15,000+ word thesis on green energy, utilizing the LEAP model to create a masterpiece. But before he could submit, fate had other plans. Bilal accidentally deleted the entire document while attempting to create an online backup. Poof! 

Bilal didn’t let this setback dampen his spirits. He reached out to the client, explaining the unexpected twist of fate. Although met with initial disbelief, Bilal’s conviction prevailed, and he embraced the challenge head-on. He rewrote the entire thesis from scratch! Just like a resourceful bunny, he never lets obstacles hinder his pursuit of success.

Aimen "The Content Alchemist" Mohsin


With her bunny spirit shining bright, Aimen Mohsin hops into her role with boundless enthusiasm. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FAST NUCES, Aimen brings a strategic and creative approach to her work, crafting compelling narratives and refining brand messaging.

She was bestowed with the esteemed title of Employee of the Quarter for the closing chapter of 2022. Her exceptional commitment and remarkable achievements made her a shining star among the team, inspiring others to reach for the stars with their own fluffy paws.

Aimen dives into the depths of market research and audience analysis to uncover insights that shape her content strategies. She combines her understanding of SEO principles and the ever-evolving digital landscape to create content that captivates and engages target audiences.

Being part of the ConvertBunny team fuels Aimen’s passion for collaboration and innovation. She thrives in a dynamic and collaborative work environment, where she can leverage her skills alongside talented individuals from different departments. This collective effort enables them to achieve shared goals and drive impactful results.

Fun fact about Aimen:

As a mischievous child, Aimen wove enchanting tales. One such tale involved her convincing her sister that placing cotton balls in the sink at night would summon delightful fairies come morning. This captivating belief sparked Aimen’s lifelong conviction in the power of magic and her ability to ignite wonder in others.

Rabia "The Word Whisperer" Mohsin


With her bunny ears perked up, Rabia Mohsin might be the youngest member of the Content team, but don’t let her age fool you. This budding talent has already achieved remarkable milestones in her professional journey. She orchestrated the mesmerizing spectacle of the HUM Women Leaders Awards 2023, weaving captivating words for the event’s host, leaving an everlasting impression on the audience.

With a background in screenplay writing for renowned TV channels, like GEO Entertainment, Rabia knows how to spin captivating narratives that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Her words hold the power to bring characters to life and evoke emotions and that has led her to start her own novel.

Transitioning into content editing, Rabia has honed her skills in crafting and editing engaging and informative content for various organizations. From thought-provoking blog posts to strategic content marketing campaigns, she weaves her creativity into every piece, captivating readers and driving conversions with the precision of a well-executed bunny hop.

Through her meticulous approach, an article she optimized for Markaz soared from the sixth position to an impressive second position within a mere three hours. Her keen understanding of SEO principles and strategic implementation delivered tangible results, elevating the visibility and reach of the content.

Fun fact about Rabia:

One fateful day, when Rabia was just a little bunny of 4 years, she embarked on an unexpected and gravity-defying adventure. In a daring display of curiosity, Rabia boldly drove her car off the stairs, leaving everyone around her in awe. We think it was because she mistook her floppy ears for wings.

Rameesha "The Brand Maven" Syed

Brand Communications Specialist

This playful bunny, Rameesha, weaves tales from her early freelancing days while pursuing studies in Politics and IR at the University of London. Interning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs one summer, she discovered her passion for being on the other side of journalism. 

This led her to found Piñata Magazine in 2017, where she led a team of 40 talented individuals, creating a world where stories bloomed like colourful blossoms. In her journey through the digital landscape, Rameesha managed social media accounts for renowned brands like Toastd and Radian, while also writing for esteemed British publications.

As she dived into full-time work, her role evolved, showcasing her versatility and enchanting brand communications. Like a mischievous bunny, she infuses playfulness and joy into her work, crafting captivating brand narratives.

Rameesha draws inspiration from her team, collaborating and bouncing ideas off one another like a merry band of bunnies. She then finds solace in the silence of an empty room, where her imagination thrives and new stories take shape.

Fun fact about Rameesha:

Once upon a sunny day, Rameesha discovered her older brother practising a dance routine. Enthralled by the graceful moves and catchy beats, she watched him rehearse with wide-eyed wonder, imitating his moves in secret. When the big day arrived, her brother performed on stage, and our little bunny, unable to contain her excitement began dancing on the outskirts. Her tiny paws tapped and her fluffy tail swayed in harmony with the music. The audience was amazed and began cheering for the little bunny stealing the show. Although she’s not on stage as often now, you can still find her twirling and curating fashion trends with her playful spirit.

Sana "The Growth Dynamo" Tariq

Assistant Growth Manager

Once a humble wordsmith, Sana hopped onto an extraordinary adventure, leaving footprints at Inqline and later at CitrusBits. Along the way, she skillfully juggled a multitude of projects, weaving her magic in content creation, social media management, community building, and digital marketing strategy.

Ah, let us regale you with the tale of the ‘Never Miss a Workout’ campaign, her proudest accomplishment. In the face of COVID-19 challenges, a luxury gym in NYC sought a saviour. Enter our wise bunny, armed with a micro Instagram campaign. Within a month, over 200 individuals joined the fitness frenzy, defying the odds and igniting the gym’s revival.

In ConvertBunny, our wise bunny discovers the true joy in the remarkable camaraderie of the small yet mighty team who ‘fit together like perfectly crafted puzzle pieces’. Fearlessly embracing the chaos that comes with a startup environment, they put their ‘secret’ approach, aptly named BLAH, or “Brilliantly Leveraging All Hands,” to use.

A fun fact about Sana:

“Everything at my place has a name. My cat’s Suraiyah Mavee, Bluetooth speaker is named Shameen, my dead plant was Qutbuddin, and the little sheep miniature sitting on my table is called Mutton Piece…(don’t judge me)”

Abdullah "The Visual Virtuoso" Nawaz

Graphic Designer

This dynamic bunny had embraced the freelancing world for three years, hopping from one successful project to another. But Abdullah’s talents extend far beyond his freelance endeavours. He has carved his own cosy burrow on YouTube, enchanting over half a million subscribers with his channel, “Aesthetics Urdu.”

In his early years, he showcased his intellectual prowess by winning numerous reading competitions, proving that even as a baby child (now an adult child), he had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Always at the top of his bunny class, Abdullah’s dedication to excellence and his “toppy” nature have become legendary within our warren.

As an integral part of our team, Abdullah brings boundless energy and a love for collaboration. His infectious enthusiasm has the power to uplift even in the face of impending deadlines. And when the pressure eases, you’ll find Abdullah indulging in his love for samosas, cheering on cricket matches with bunny-like fervour, and immersing himself in the rhythms of music, which he simply can’t live without.

Fun fact about Abdullah:

In a moment of youthful bravery, our adventurous bunny found himself in a perilous situation. While frolicking in a stream, he followed his cousin’s daring suggestion to release the rope, unaware of the powerful current that awaited. Gripping his cousin tightly, Abdullah unintentionally impeded their escape. Fortunately, another cousin rushed to their aid, saving the day. From that day forward, Abdullah eagerly learned how to swim and preferred the safety of swimming pools over wild streams.