Do you ever find it tough to come up with social media ideas?ย 

Whether it’s thinking up a witty caption for your dog’s sweater photo or planning a month’s worth of content for multiple clients, small and medium businesses often lack the time.ย 

That’s where digital marketing experts step in. They help businesses tell their stories on social media, grow their followings, and boost traffic.ย 

Moreover, for the marketers, itโ€™s not a bed of roses either. In fact, 70% of marketers are swamped with the daily grind, like tackling emails (10%), doing repetitive chores (12%), and hunting for data and files (8%).ย 

This leaves them with precious little time to let their creative juices flow.ย 

If you’re a marketer, we’ve got your back with a massive list of unique social media post ideas for businesses. No matter your audience or platform, you’ll discover fresh content to share.ย 

Say goodbye to creative blocks, and letโ€™s dive right in!

Top 20+ Social Media Post Ideas For Businesses In 2023

1. Case Studies

Sharing case studies is a smart move in your social media marketing strategy. These posts are like shining trophies that showcase your expertise and real results.

For instance, let us tell you about a case study we recently posted.ย 

We achieved a jaw-dropping 2.4x growth rate and boosted our monthly organic traffic to a whopping 470k in just four months.ย 

Yes, it’s true, thanks to ConvertBunny!ย 

We laid it all out in a detailed post.

Don’t just take our word for it โ€“ take a deep dive into the case study yourself!ย 


2. Offer Step-By-Step How-To Posts

These posts are super valuable for your audience because they break things down into easy-to-follow steps. Let us give you an example.ย 

At ConvertBunny, we understand that your website is like your online storefront. It’s how potential customers discover you, get to know your products or services, and decide if they want to do business with you.

Here’s the catch – if your website isn’t optimized for search engines, it’s like having a hidden gem that no one can find. That’s where SEO audits step in.ย 

An SEO audit is like a deep dive into your website’s search engine performance.ย 

If you’re serious about growing your business online (and who isn’t?), getting an SEO audit is an absolute must.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an SEO Audit:

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3. Show Off Your Creativity with Instagram Reels

Unleash your inner artist!ย 

Instagram Reels are like short, snappy movies that give your audience a peek into your world.ย 

Use them to showcase your products, share fun office moments, or even demonstrate how to use your services in an engaging way.ย 

Keep it light, keep it lively, and let your creativity shine!

4. Client Testimonials

Let your happy clients do the talking! Share their success stories and experiences with your products or services.ย 

Real-life testimonials build trust and show potential customers the value you bring.ย 

Authenticity speaks volumes, and seeing the impact you’ve had on others can be a powerful motivator for new customers to join the fold.

5. Go Behind the Scenes with a “How It’s Made” Feature

Peek behind the curtains!ย 

Take your audience on a journey showcasing the intricate process of creating your products.ย 

Share captivating visuals and narrate the story of craftsmanship that goes into each item.ย 

This humanizes your brand and builds trust with your customers.

6. Share Your Company’s Latest Blog Posts

Got a blog for your business?ย 

It’s time to make it shine!

Share your company’s blog posts on social media.

But here’s the key: Make your blog content GOLD. Give your audience the good stuff they crave.

Start sharing and watch the magic happen.

7. Showcase Captivating Product and Company Videos

Lights, camera, action!ย 

Create engaging videos that highlight your products in action. Demonstrate their features and benefits.ย 

Additionally, give a glimpse into your company culture, introducing the faces behind the brand.ย 

This personal touch fosters a deeper connection with your audience.

8. Offer a Glimpse into Your Company’s Culture

Share a sneak peek into your company’s culture.

Whether it’s a fun snapshot of your team’s quirkiness or a blog post explaining your unique way of doing things.

Let your audience see the magic that makes your business special.

9. Share your favorite industry-related podcasts or books

Knowledge is power! Recommend insightful podcasts or books related to your industry.ย 

This positions your business as a valuable source of information and shows that you’re dedicated to continuous learning.ย 

It also encourages meaningful conversations among your followers. Sharing is caring.

10. Share Recent Industry News

Highlighting industry news in your social media strategy is like being the go-to news anchor for your followers in your niche.

Here’s how you do it:ย 

  • First, make a list of trusted news sources in your industry, like magazines or websites. Then, find them on Twitter and hit that ‘Follow’ button.ย 
  • When they post something cool, share the love! Retweet their posts or share them on other social platforms like Facebook or Google+

This keeps your audience informed and positions you as the expert in the know. Plus, it’s an easy way to keep your social feeds fresh with valuable content!ย 

11. Host A Caption Contest

Engage your audience with a fun caption contest!ย 

Share an intriguing image related to your business and ask followers to come up with creative captions.ย 

This not only fosters interaction but also showcases your brand’s personality.

12. Post Playful Memes Or Cheerful GIFs

Inject some humor and light-heartedness into your feed with memes or GIFs.ย 

They’re shareable, relatable, and can give your brand a human touch.ย 

Just ensure they align with your brand’s values and won’t offend anyone.

13. Celebrate Special Holidaysย 

Mark special occasions on the calendar, like National Doughnut Day or International Coffee Day.

Share relevant content or promotions tied to these holidays.ย 

It’s a great way to join in the festivities and connect with your audience.

14. Share Predictions For The Future Of The Industry

Establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing insightful predictions about the future of your industry.ย 

This not only showcases your expertise but also keeps your audience informed and engaged.

15. Share Industry News And Insights

Keep your followers updated with the latest trends, breakthroughs, or news in your field.ย 

Providing valuable information positions your brand as a go-to source for industry knowledge.

16. Guess The Product Contest

Create excitement by posting a sneak peek or a zoomed-in image of a product.ย 

Ask your followers to guess what it is, and offer a prize for the correct answer.ย 

It’s a fun way to promote your offerings and engage your audience.

17. Share Handpicked Curated Content

Sharing curated content is a smart move in your social media marketing strategy. It’s like sharing interesting articles or posts from experts in your field.ย 

Instead of writing everything from scratch, you get to share valuable information with your audience. Just remember to give credit where it’s due!

18. Engage Your Audience With Thoughtful Questions

Asking questions on social media is like starting a conversation with your followers.ย 

It gets them involved and encourages them to share their thoughts.ย 

Ask a question instagram


For instance, you can ask, “What’s your all-time favorite vacation spot?” or inquire about your business, like “Which product features do you adore?”

This not only boosts interaction but also provides valuable insights into your audience.ย 

When people respond to your questions, it increases your post’s visibility, making it more likely to be seen by others.

19. Share Memorable Snippets From Company Events

Bring your audience behind the scenes!ย 

Post captivating moments from your company events. Whether it’s a team-building day or a product launch, these snippets offer a glimpse into your company culture.ย 

They humanize your brand, making it relatable and personable. Plus, it’s a great way to show appreciation for your hardworking team.

20. Offer Expert Answers To Common Queries

Be the go-to source for information! Regularly address common questions related to your industry or product.ย 

Provide clear, concise answers that demonstrate your expertise.ย 

It builds trust and positions your business as a knowledgeable authority.ย 

Encourage followers to ask more questions, keeping the conversation flowing.

21. Visualize Data With Stunning Infographics

Make complex information a breeze!ย 

Create visually appealing infographics to convey statistics, trends, or product features.ย 

Visual content is more likely to be shared, increasing your reach.ย 

It’s a powerful way to educate and engage your audience without overwhelming them with text.

22. Initiate Conversations With Industry Pioneers

Connect your audience with the movers and shakers!ย 

Start conversations with influential figures in your industry.ย 

Share their insights, ask thought-provoking questions, and encourage your followers to join the discussion.ย 

It positions your brand at the forefront of industry trends and fosters valuable networking opportunities. Plus, your audience benefits from exposure to diverse perspectives.

23. Share Pollsย 

To put it simply, using social media polls is a fantastic way to create a sense of community, spark conversations, and gather valuable input from your followers on social platforms.

Convertbunny sharepoll

Showcase Stunning Images or Captivating Videos of Your Products

Images are great, but videos really grab attention as people scroll through their social media feeds.ย 

Studies prove that videos can reach 135% more people organically compared to photos.ย 

Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your reach by sharing captivating videos showcasing your company or new products.


These social media post ideas for businesses discussed offer a comprehensive toolkit to captivate your audience and foster meaningful connections.ย 

Remember, consistency and creativity are key.ย 

Partnering with a digital marketing agency can amplify your efforts. Their expertise in navigating the dynamic social media landscape ensures your brand not only stands out but also thrives.ย 

Embrace these innovative strategies and let your business shine in the digital crowd.

Elevate your online presence with ConvertBunny!

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