Since 2010, over 1 billion users have used Instagram, establishing it as a powerful social media platform for individuals from all walks of life!

Among the 50 million posts that have populated Instagram till now, many of them come from popular categories of people- Influencers, sports players, musicians, and plenty of other types of creators.

Instagram is, however, not just a platform for people to compete on the grounds of who has the most followers. It’s also a powerful marketing tool.

If we’re going to quantify how marketing dynamics work on Instagram, we see that:

18% of marketers believe Instagram offers the best influencer marketing R.O.I.

Instagram is a critical marketing channel (that works!) for various reasons, including its real opportunity to modify content delivery.

Aside from marketing methods like Instagram advertisements, the app also serves as a reliable content marketing channel due to how it incorporates influencer marketing into its usage. 

Sponsored postings have assisted in identifying other companies that are being sold into the same post (read: sponsored channel), and individuals are caught up in a vicious circle of content discovery!

However, Instagram users, frequently linked with a negative perception of turning into ‘influencers’ due to marketing opportunities, should not be lumped into shallow advertisers. 

Instagram users go above and beyond, and there are learning points to take away from people with all these Instagram followers!

Let’s find out!

1. Instagram

Instagram’s main account has the highest number of followers on the network, with over 470 million followers as of 2022. The most current 7,000-plus postings offer a cross-section of the app’s famous, innovative, or attention-worthy contributors.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Global soccer sensation CR7 has 401 million Instagram followers, but we’re delighted to see the content extends beyond the sport. Now and again, we’re reminded that celebs like CR7 are just like us, highlighting his humanitarian work through education and healthcare projects.

3. Lionel Messi

After moving to France this year, the G.O.A.T. shocked the internet, but he still has a place in all of his supporters’ hearts. Messi’s 298 million followers exhibit his soccer life, lovely family, and team dedication!

4. Kim Kardashian

Despite having one of the most renowned faces globally, Kim’s post-Kanye West life has only gotten more intriguing, and it’s no surprise to find Kim Kardashian on this list with her 285 million Instagram followers. While Keeping Up with the Kardashians may have ended after 20 seasons, Kim remains in the spotlight and shows no signs of slowing down.

5. Kylie Jenner

At 310 Million Instagram followers, we’re wondering how. Kylie Kristen Jenner is a media figure, celebrity, model, and entrepreneur from the United States. She is the founder and C.E.O. of Kylie Cosmetics firm and the lead of the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

6. Selena Gomez

Gomez has impacted her audiences, especially her phenomenal 296 Million Instagram followers and beyond, to keep it real in a chaotic world by using her creative pursuits to generate dialogue around mental health and charitable work.

7. The Rock

Millions have admired the Rock for how he’s kept himself over the years! He’s undoubtedly challenging to dislike and a comic of a guy! The Rock is one of Gram’s most pleasant but motivating figures, offering the proper type of encouragement with his uplifting attitude and lifestyle!

8. Ariana Grande

With 294 Million Instagram followers, Grande became the app’s most-followed musician in 2019. With a stream loaded with previews of what’s to follow and the infrequent glance back at what got her there, she doesn’t seem to be relinquishing that status anytime soon.

Who else has a lot of Instagram followers? 

Instagram influencers in the fashion industry rely on the app and celebrity status! We’ve seen influencers rise from nothing to millions of followers over the years because of their impeccable taste in fashion and their capacity to shatter preconceptions and make fashion a phenomenon for everybody.

Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashionista known for her blog, ‘The Blonde Salad,’ is a household name among fashion influencers. Ferragni, a trailblazer in the fashion-influencing sector, has 25.9 million Instagram followers for her effortlessly modern style that is approachable to everybody!

Swift has 199 million Instagram followers and is tenacious in her path as a female artist, protecting her artistic integrity and continuously fighting the same-old brands.

Queen Bey, the singer-actress-songwriter-producer-dancer-businesswoman-director on a throne of 237 Million Instagram followers, has found a way to balance her relatively large celebrity with the impromptu personal view into her and her family’s world via social media.

Justin Bieber, the original social media celebrity, entered our lives via YouTube and has stayed a piece of it ever since. His 219 Million Instagram followers can prove so!

More on the list of top Instagram followers we also have:

Learning Points for Marketers 

So, with these Instagram influencers will all these millions of followers, what can marketers take away from their success in amassing such a phenomenal following, and how can they collaborate with these influencers to their benefit? Let’s list them out!

  • Brand Awareness 

One of the most noticeable advantages of social media marketing is the influencers’ role in increasing brand awareness. Influencer marketing broadens your industry outreach and placement. 

Users on social media may discover more about your business, your narrative, and the items or products you provide. 

Furthermore, collaborating with an influencer who can move the needle communicates to consumers that your company is a leader in your sector.

  • Massive Visibility & Outreach 

Influencer marketing assists companies in overcoming many of the challenges other marketing mediums encounter in today’s world. With the widespread use of ad blockers and people’s general dislike of apparent advertisements, influencer marketing provides firms with a method to communicate with customers in a non-intrusive manner.

By collaborating with the proper influencers, marketers can develop highly effective influencer programs that reach millions of customers. Tactfully screening influencers based on qualitative and quantitative criteria assists companies in selecting the best prospects for their campaigns.

  • Build Conviction and Express Authority 

The concept underlying influencer sponsorships is relatively straightforward. When a celebrity, social media personality, or industry expert posts material about a company on social media, the brand they represent gains an immediate reputation. 

Essentially, suppose a corporation can persuade a person with industry authority to notice and identify its brand. In that case, it creates a view that the brand is a reliable choice and a market leader, relying on the attitude and support of the influencer. In today’s corporate environment, developing trust and authority is crucial.

  • Reach Your Target Audience and Initiate Purchasing Results 

Without a doubt, social media influencers that promote your business increase purchases. Customers actively turn to influencers for advice on which products or services to buy. 

As social media has grown in popularity, so has its ability to reach your target demographic. If your firm wants to improve sales (and who isn’t?), influencer marketing may help you significantly raise your sales statistics.

  • Associate your Brand To Millennial & Gen Z Clients 

Digital media is becoming more popular among young people, contributing to its appeal. In today’s digital-first world, influencer marketing is all but necessary if you want to appeal to the millennial or Gen-Z market. 

Customer awareness from these categories adds enormous value to a business and provides you with priceless accessibility to one of the most lucrative populations.

  • Long-Term Profits 

Influencer marketing, like SEO, is a long-term strategy. You shouldn’t expect a significant revenue increase from a single influencer post (unless that influencer is Kylie Jenner, maybe). Brands should view celebrity endorsement as a long-term strategy built on relationship development rather than a one-time promotion. 

Building trust between your company and your customers takes time, and the same holds true for celebrities and content marketing.

  • Trends 

Influencers are the go-to sources for new product knowledge in their field. Whether it’s style, sports, beauty, or health, consumers value and even worship the perspectives of the influencers they follow. 

One of the causes influencer marketing is so potent is because of this. You may create a campaign centered on an influencer’s review of your exciting new product to put your company in the limelight.

  • Conversions 

Influencers have a natural capacity to steer their followers toward a brand’s products or services. As previously said, clients constantly resort to influencers for advice on which products or services to purchase.


There is no questioning the success of Influencer marketing at this time. A powerful influencer marketing approach might be precisely what the doctor ordered for businesses trying to increase customer trust, brand awareness, and other benefits.

These undeniable advantages should persuade any company trying to expand its brand to consider implementing influencer marketing into its entire promotional plan.

Any astute marketer would recognize how influencers employ these strategies to get millions of Instagram followers!

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