1.4 BILLION Instagram users as of 2022?ย 

This isn’t simply because it’s another social media platform where people want to post, right?

Instagram introduced itself into the world of social media applications in 2010, and since its inception as the 7th most visited website in the world. Instagram began as a photo-sharing app, but its growth over the last 12 years has impacted social media trends and usage, and it continues to launch new features.ย 

Instagram has rightfully climbed into the second most downloaded social media application. When we talk about Instagram’s development, we refer to the transition from picture sharing to video sharing, IGTV, sharing Stories, and now Reels.

You name it: pictures, videos, lifestyle, food, and entertainment!ย 

With its gallery-like user experience for presenting visual material, Instagram is electronically acting just like one, and users can’t help but visit the art and continue uploading.

And you know who else loves Instagram just as much as we do?ย 


Instagram is important because of the dramatic growth potential it has created for brands and the range of marketing tools accessible to advertisers to show off their material in the most innovative manner.

Fashion brands, for instance, have made Instagram their go-to content marketing medium! Zara was the brand most referenced by English-speaking influencers on Instagram in July 2021, with 42.2 thousand mentions.

So, without a doubt, brands on Instagram are thriving! A previous study indicates that customers follow brands on social media for various reasons, including learning more about new goods or services and staying up to speed on corporate news.

Consumers also love interacting with brands, especially when that interaction is reciprocal.


1. Nike

I am sitting at 198 Million Instagram followers! While there are various causes for the brand’s consistent growth on Instagram, Nike’s frequent campaigns significantly boost fan growth.

Their most popular Instagram posts include athletes such as Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, to mention a few. The company also uses this visually stunning medium to generate hype around new product releases in teasers and videos.

2. Victoria’s Secret

With around 71.5 Million followers, Victoria’s Secret is the fashion industry leader. The brand’s use of models dressed in VS clothes helps establish idealistic allure among its consumers. The brand’s media strategy revolves around behind-the-scenes images of fashion shows, product promotions, and new debuts, increasing engagement.

3. Huda Beauty

We all know how fashion and skincare reign on Instagram!

With almost 50 million followers, Huda Kattan’s cosmetics dynasty leads the cosmetics business in audience size. Huda differs from other cosmetics brands because the founder, Huda, is the brand. She is the company’s voice and faces in every ad and cosmetic demonstration.

Besides engaging media content, Huda Beauty also utilizes content from its consumers to help expand their trust and loyalty in the makeup community.

A feature on Huda Beauty is as big of a deal as it sounds if there are 50 million followers involved!

4. Chanel

Fashion continues to expand its dominance on Instagram, with luxury brand Chanel sitting 48.7 Million followers.

The brand’s substance exudes elegance and desire, which has earned it a devoted fanbase. The brand added an average of 19,500 followers every day over the last four years.

Like other fashion firms, their media strategy releases product-related photographs and videos, celebrity endorsements, and behind-the-scenes footage from fashion events.

Chanel’s postings frequently include famous red-carpet attire (with name-dropping captions to boot). Runway photos, as well as commercial campaign photographs, are also featured. Ultimately, Chanel’s Instagram feed provides fans with a look into the high-fashion lifestyle without them having to change out of their sweatpants.

5. Gucci

Trailing just a million behind, Gucci sits on 47 Million Instagram followers!

A company like this one broadcasts ambitious imagery and videos from fashion events, fresh product releases, and endorsements.

Gucci has various Instagram advertisements that receive a lot of attention. One such project, #24hourace, featured movies of the brand’s shoes brought to life in the hands of video artists from around the world, and it was a huge success.

Are you also following the Italian fashion powerhouse brand?


As a fashion household brand in many people’s eyes, Instagram is the ideal venue for Zara to reward its audience with its visual narrative. Zara reigns supreme on this platform with 48.7 million followers, thanks to compelling imagery, videos, and brilliant influencer marketing.

7. Louis Vuitton

An overwhelming number of fashion accounts, isn’t it?

Fashion is best communicated visually, and Louis Vuitton is a master. This premium company is killing it on Instagram with a healthy mix of photographs and videos that are all polished and enticing. Louis Vuitton is slowly winning social media engagement, with 47.2 million followers, and the numbers are increasing each day!

While Louis Vuitton’s Instagram page includes celebrity photographs and red-carpet ensembles, it highlights its more practical daily styles. When combined with photos of the natural design process and business charity projects, LV’s Instagram helps the brand seem approachable to the typical customer.

8. Adidas

Adidas’ (*All Day I Dream About Sports) Instagram media content is a visual pleasure for any user. Adidas’ 26.1 million followers are motivated and enthusiastic about buying their items, thanks to images of sports celebrities adorning the brand’s logo and motivational advertisements.ย 

While most photographs feature a single pair of shoes, they occasionally mix in fantastic black-and-white lifestyle photographs.

Adidas has even slowly started to pave its way as more than just a sportswear brand, expanding its consumerism outside of athletes with athleisure wear and accessories that are also fashionable!

9. M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Cosmetics’ quality control extends beyond its goods and is reflected in its social media approach. In addition, the brand seamlessly mixes its workers and work-related items in its stream.ย 

With 22.3 million followers, breathtaking photographs, and compelling videos, this cosmetic company stands firm in the Beauty sector.

Also, each caption contains a list of the specific M.A.C. items used to achieve the look, removing the guesswork from customer buying. Brilliant, to say the least.

10. BMW

Finally, a step away from fashion, it’s time to look at popular automobile companies on the reel.

‘Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,’ A.K.A BMW, is a German multinational corporation that manufactures luxury automobiles and motorbikes.ย 

With 32.6 million Instagram followers, BMW has emerged as the automotive sector leader. It utilizes Instagram to exhibit its innovative products and prototype automobiles, generating interest and queries about the brand’s current offers.

BMW shoots its automobiles in various settings, including forest countryside, metropolitan cityscapes, and alpine routes. Because of the many contexts, followers are more likely to empathize and visualize themselves behind the wheel directly.

11. Mercedes Benz

Another hurrah for automobile enthusiasts!

This German automaker is well-known for its highly appealing Instagram posts. The brand’s Instagram feed is full of luxury vehicles photographed in various settings by social influencers such as photographers, automotive bloggers, and car racers. Mercedes also conducts creative Instagram advertising.ย 

Their #pride campaign, which featured one automobile for each color of the rainbow, sent a powerful message of inclusivity, receiving many responses from their 35 million followers.

12. Starbucks

Yeah, you guessed it. Social media’s favorite drink to Instagram had to be on the list!

Starbucks is unquestionably the brand that can make coffee feel appealing. The company has amassed a devoted following of 17.7 million coffee enthusiasts on Instagram. Starbucks frequently publishes images of its goods in unusual and gorgeous settings, capturing the spirit of Instagram, which is all about visual storytelling.

Not that Starbucks has to advertise with fresh content for anyone to dethrone its place amongst social media lovers. What’s somebody’s day without posting a photo of a Starbucks with their name on it?

13. National Geographic

National Geographic is an unusual Instagram monarch, with over 206 million followers. National Geographic is well recognized for its outstanding photographic storytelling, so their finely honed skill would translate well to Instagram.ย 

The NatGeo feed is full of photos of animals, landscapes, and world people. An insightful journalistic caption accompanies each photograph. Extended captions may be the new black.

14. Disney

Disney has a wealth of visual content to provide, thanks to its several films, myriad merchandise, theme parks, and collection of historical photographs. Their Instagram account is varied, with one picture more engaging than the last. With all of its success, it’s no wonder that Disney dominates Instagram.

Disney sits at about 32.6 Million Instagram followers!

15. Vogue Magazine

Vogue promotes its corporate website on Instagram. Almost every caption contains the line “visit the link in our bio,” implying that the URL is regularly changed (and must be worth the upkeep).ย 

What’s the best part? Because their photographs are so appealing, people readily miss this repeating tactic.

And how do we know it works? Their 36.6 Million Instagram followers!


Brands love the Gram, and so do you! Out of all the ones we’ve listed, which ones do you have on your list to keep up with? Or do you think brands on Instagram go beyond their million follower count?

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