Instagram has a monthly user base of over 1 billion people! That’s a lot of people with a lot of things to say.

 It also boasts the second-highest engagement rate, after only Facebook. And that is a lot of excitement right there!

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly evolving. 

The term “engagement” encompasses a wide range of concepts. Marketers are working tirelessly to devise the most successful strategies to combat it. Today, though, we’re narrowing it down, specifically to comments on Instagram.

Instagram comments are a terrific way to interact with your followers and encourage them to endorse your post! Furthermore, they are the sole means to have a two-way conversation on a post!

You can form a few behaviors while publishing on your Instagram feed that will start generating more comments now than ever. 

But for that to happen, we need to look into the Instagram algorithm and its constant evolution to let our habits fully get us more comments on Instagram.

Let’s dissect!

Instagram Algorithm – Main Feed

Instagram spoke in June 2016 that it was tweaking its algorithm to display people information they cared about first, regardless of when it was uploaded. Since most users were overlooking 70% of the material on their timelines, it might be more difficult for social media advertisers to get genuine Instagram posts noticed.

In 2018, Instagram quickly followed Facebook’s lead and prioritized posts from followers’ friends and family. Its algorithms started putting less emphasis on brands and ads!

However, brand postings with organic interaction can occasionally outperform these algorithms. The amount of likes and comments a post receives is one of the criteria determining its ranking in the Instagram feed.

“What are the other criteria?”

The other criteria, including this, are:

  1. The number of Likes and comments a post has
  2. If that user has interacted with your content in the past
  3. How recently you posted

If your genuine Instagram posts receive interaction from your followers, it generates a positive feedback loop: 

The more users who like and comment on a post, the more probable it will show on the Explore tab, where people who don’t already follow you may see your favorite posts!

One approach to obtain more Instagram comments is to ‘provoke’ people’s ideas and interests.

Consider what causes someone to pause browsing to leave a comment. Sometimes it’s just a desire to be acknowledged. Sometimes it’s just plain curiosity.

But, before we give away the Easter eggs to get more Instagram comments, you need to make a few helpful account adjustments to your profile and organizational skills for the Instagram comments to flow in.

Instagram Account Modifications for more engagement 

1. Public Instagram Account 

By establishing your account with the entire Instagram community, you can ensure that new fans locate your material. Login to your profile, and press the Settings gear icon in the top right-hand corner to turn the Private Account button off.

2. Engaging Content 

People will not comment on dull content, assigning one team member to oversee the scheduling and editing of Instagram content but delegating the task of sourcing diverse photographs, videos, and ideas to a broader team. (Applies well in the case of running a Business on the Gram)

3. Push Notification 

Sometimes, creators’ overlooked feature pushes notifications to enable you to respond to or like your followers’ comments swiftly. 

Consider that the more users engage with your profile, the more your material will show on their feeds.

4. Social Media Calendar 

Like calendars that keep tasks in our daily lives organized, social media calendars enable your Instagram! 

To get those Instagram comments coming, determine a publication frequency that works for you on Instagram, and we suggest publishing no more than once per day. 

Consider that time is a component in the algorithm, so you don’t want extremely early posts lost in the noise.

Now that you’ve tweaked your profile, let’s jump onto the strategies that will drive more comments around your posts!

Strategies for more Instagram Comments

1. Comment Replies 

Primarily, answering comments as they come in is not only respectful, but it also offers up an opportunity for further comments! Initially, as people read past your post in their Instagram feed, they’ll see more comments – including your replies!

The bigger the number, the more likely it is that regular Instagrammers will pause, take a look, and maybe write a comment.

Secondly, you may discuss with others who leave comments on your posts.

Talk about engagement.

2. Mutual Engagement 

This is a bit more time-consuming, but it’s a great strategy for earning comments on Instagram.

When you have some free time, log onto your Instagram account and scroll through the number of people who have liked your most recent post. Go to their Instagram account and give a few likes and at least one comment on their previous update!

This is an excellent way to thank them for liking your content in the first place, and it motivates them to repay the interaction by viewing your profile and connecting with you again. This also applies to users who are already following you — it’s a terrific approach to establishing a relationship.

Furthermore, you teach your followers to comment on your Instagram posts and connect with you since you do the same for them!

3. Instagram Giveaways & Contests 

Speaking of contests, research suggests, and it is discovered that Instagram freebies outperform all others in terms of engagement.

This is due to several factors: 

1) People enjoy winning free goods, and 

2) Many Instagram competitions contain rules requiring them to like the giveaway post, follow the account, and tag their friends in the comments

You might create your contest, a week-long program in which users must leave a comment every day. You may add user-generated content (UGC) by asking followers to share their images while tagging/mentioning your brand in the post.

4. Instagram Takeovers 

Instagram takeovers are an excellent method to increase engagement on your posts – especially if you have a speaker who already has a large, engaged audience!

A takeover is advantageous to both parties. It introduces both collaborators’ content to new audiences.

Takeovers are when one Instagram user takes over another’s page for a day and posts from their perspective. Takeovers are frequently carried out from the standpoint of:

  • A coworker
  • A person with influence
  • another company in your field

As a result, you have many options to expand your audience and gain greater exposure while bagging those comments!

5. Call to Action 

Tags: Many people enjoy tagging their friends in amusing or relevant posts.

It’s a method for them to interact with their friends and family! It’s also a chance for you to reach out to new audiences that might love your material. As a result, everyone wins in this situation- You get the comments, and people get the fun!

Questions: Undoubtedly, questions like “which one do you prefer?” can elicit interest. However, if you want conversations and interactions in your comments, utilize an Instagram Stories poll for this-or-that instead!

Consider asking questions your viewers will reflect on and respond to with enthusiasm!

If you navigate the comments portion, you’ll note that users are addressing their questions and joining the discourse in threads on other responses.

That is the ideal situation for increasing the number of comments on your Instagram accounts!

6. Engaging Content 

Content that will get people talking!

According to a study of what causes the material to go viral, some of the most viral online events also elicited elevated feelings. Posts that built suspense shocked the audience and sparked widespread wonder and ambiguity.

Emotions that elicited delight were among the most frequent, so consider sharing material on Instagram that evokes an emotion so powerfully that people feel driven to comment on it.

Is there anything you could share on an unexpected statistic, a pleasant experience, or a fascinating industry trend? It doesn’t have to be about your brand; material that appeals to a broad audience usually elicits more comments.

Don’t hesitate to share if you have an adorable pet, lovely newborn pics, or feel-good stuff in your photo library!

We’re sure it’ll generate a lot of interest.

You may increase the number of people who notice your lovely images by including relevant Instagram hashtags, even!

Videos: Upload such fascinating information to entice people to stop browsing through their Instagram feeds, view your video, and make it enjoyable.

 Your audience wants more video material, particularly online, so if you upload something intriguing and encourage people to comment on the description, they’ll most likely do so.

7. Timing 

There’s a lot of discussion about the optimum time of day to post on social media, and the answer differs based on your business, your following, and the sort of content you’re sharing.

Our best advice is to test your engagement rates on Instagram at various times of the week and then structure your publication plan on the findings.

Whether it’s early Monday morning or late in the afternoon, try to figure out when your followers are most inclined to stop and leave a comment to optimize the interaction of your content per day.


Comments on Instagram are significant because they impact where your posts appear in the stream. Furthermore, if many users engage with your posts, your material will be searchable on the Explore page – so try out these ways to generate more comments on Instagram.

The most significant influence you can make on your Instagram comment count is to change a few practices to prioritize engagement. Not only Instagram but all social media sites are affected by this.

Schedule your posts around peak time, when most of your followers are online, to ensure you get the most comments!

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